Phil’s Writing Tips

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Below you will find a catalog of the writing articles I’ve written for this site since its inception. They are in order of most recent to oldest. Feedback, comments, questions, etc. are all very much appreciated. Would love to continue the discussion of any of these topics with those who are interested and passionate about the craft.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

  1. Why Authors Should Avoid Adverbs
  2. Zoe’s Twitter Tips
  3. Understanding Imagery – What Effective Descriptions Look Like
  4. Understanding Comma Usage
  5. Writing Scene Transitions in Your Novel
  6. Staying Motivated with Your Writing
  7. 10 Things I’ve Learned about Writing Novels
  8. Avoid the Ledge: How to Maintain/Recover Your Writing Confidence (Guest Blog at Dropped Pebbles)
  9. Grammar Lesson: That vs. Which
  10. Show vs. Tell: When to Tell
  11. Show vs. Tell: How to Show
  12. 10 Tips for SciFi and Fantasy World Building
  13. A Writer’s Guide to Fiction – Types of Fiction, Word Count and Page Count
  14. Punctuation Talk: Hyphens vs. Emdashes
  15. Grammar Tips: The Importance of Word Choice
  16. List of Literary Genres and Definitions
  17. Perfectionism vs. Fear of Editing
  18. How to Review a Fellow Author
  19. Romance Writing for Non-Romance Novels
  20. Dream Sequences in Novels – When and How They can be Effective
  21. Dealing with Flame Reviews – A Hot Topic for Authors
  22. Phil’s Creative Writing Prompts
  23. The “Rules” of Grammar and Novel Writing

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