PhilphlHere it is, my home page…your final warning before venturing too deep into my psyche. Seriously, once you delve in a bit there’s no going back. It’s like trying to un-see one of them Magic Eye pictures–once you “see” me, all you see is a sailboat.

…or something like that.

You’re still here. Whew. That’s good. I knew you had guts; I could just tell.

Welcome, I’m Phil, aka Philthy, Phil the Love, Phil the Agony, the Ultimate fulPHILment…and let’s leave it at that. This is my author website, replete with a blog, updates on novels-in-progress, free reads, some of my original music recording, among other things. I even offer some great scientific insight about turtles!!!

My world is complicated. I’m a writing enthusiast of many years, though have only spent the last five of them honing my novel-writing skills. My focus tends to be fantasy, horror and suspense. The Siren’s Lyric is my first novel.

I live in the great state of Washington…not D.C. Can’t tell you how many Easties have argued with me about whether or not they’re the same thing. They’re not. Really.

Oh, and this is me as a smurf:


Feel free to peruse and participate–comments are always appreciated. There’s only one question to ask yourself…

…have you had your Phil today?


11 Responses to Home

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  4. Ha,ha! I love it! I’ll be seeing you around. 😉

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  6. Mimi Speike says:

    Well, fella, I’ve tracked you down. I’ll be in touch, count on it. I see you do design (and illustration?) I’m an illustration major drop-out, moved over to costume design, never could get hold of a comfortable style. My decades-ago try at children’s book illustration, everyone I sent samples to said, ‘Great stuff. But no one will touch it if it’s not in color’. (I worked in pencil on mylar). I’m giving it another shot, still in my old comfort-zone style, and I will try to add color digitally. I’ve got a playful poem with some great reviews (Sly – the Poem (no title yet) / on BC) and it’s time to pull some illustration together and get this show on the road before I drop dead. I just turned sixty-nine.

    • Well hi there! Glad you found me. I do my best to leave a conspicuous trail of Zoloft and munchy food wherever I go.

      Yes, I’ve dabbled in graphics, though I haven’t dabbled in quite a while. Would love to see your stuff.

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