The Archellum’s Light Series

The Demon Pendant BannerBook one of this series marks my first attempt at writing a novel. I ended up finishing it at 107,000 words and queried to numerous agents. It got a lot of nibbles, and while the writing style and story was praised by those who took the time to respond some of the issues with it are going to be difficult to fix. I may go back to it, but for now I’m tabling it. Basically, I made some newbie errors in the story structure and instead of restructuring, I applied many Band-Aid fixes along the way–I see that now.

That said, I love the concept of these worlds. Here is the world map I created for the series.

Map of Seriyah and Canna

Map of Seriyah and Canna

* I’ve recently changed the series title from The Demon’s Pendant to The Archellum’s Light.

Click on book cover or title below for more details.

Book One:  The Siren's Lyric

Book One:  The Siren’s Lyric


Book Two:  The Blood Gardens

Book Two:  The Blood Gardens


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