The Dream Factory

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What is this page?

Welcome to the page of dreams and, when I say dreams, I’m not talking about life goals or dream sequences in novels and movies (which I think are a bit overused). I’m talking about the dreams we have while sleeping. They can be a useful tool for writers–at least, they are for me. On this page, you can find my thoughts on what dreams really are and how to go about interpreting them; how they can be tapped into and utilized for fiction writing; some of my more bizarre and/or meaningful dreams that I can remember; and the bizarre and/or meaningful dreams shared by others/you. Please comment, share your dreams and thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

The Dreams Factory Assembly Line

Phil’s Most Memorable Dreams

  1. Monster Dream (Childhood Dream)
  2. Color Fountains in the Living Room (Childhood Dream)
  3. The Three Visitors (Junior High)
  4. The Girl Next Door (High School)
  5. The Ghost of Tom (High School)
  6. A Victorian Scheme (Young Adult)
  7. The Hangar (Young Adult)
  8. The Dream Eater (Young Adult)
  9. The Old Man with the Red Eyes (Adult)
  10. Lizard Man (Adult)
  11. The Engineer (Adult)
  12. The Bowling Alley (Adult – 2015)
  13. Pod People (Adult – 2015)
  14. Time Tornado (Adult – 2016)
  15. The Secret Society Dream (Adult 2012)
  16. Circus Tent Apocalypse (Adult 2016)
  17. Into the Woods (Adult 2018)

Your Most Memorable Dreams

Here you can read the dreams of some of my readers. Fascinating stuff! Please, please, please let me know if you’d like to share your dream with us.




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