The Blood Gardens (The Archellum’s Light II)

The Blood GardensBook Two of the The Archellum’s Light series

Genre: High Fantasy/YA

Set immediately after the events of The Siren’s Lyric, Alex and Della are attacked and taken by a bandit gang on the King’s Trail just outside of Lott’s Vale. Her love, Matthew, and her father eagerly accept Brother Bartley’s invitation to join him and his fellow monks in the rescue.

However, the lot of them may have bit off more than they can chew, for the bandits find themselves far from their intended path and deep within the gut of the forests of Shalshire. The Witch that controls this particular stretch of land is called the Spider Witch, for she has a small village under her spell and those who venture into her web seldom come out.

Imprisoned, Alex and Della must find a way to withstand the powerful magic at work, while the fellowship of rescuers must find a way in, and then a way out.

Notes: I have started writing this novel–have about 20K words, in fact–but it’s really rough and a bit premature. I mostly started this as an exercise. I’m not sure they’ll be room for a sequel after The Siren’s Lyric, though there’s a strong potential for one, I think.


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