Works-in-Progress (Novels)


A mysterious stone falls from the sky and a voice shares secret technologies enabling the city to thrive. But such power doesn’t come without cost.

LeechPlague and nuclear war have emaciated the earth leaving the planet as a wasteland called the Unlivable Space.  A dark stone falls from the sky and speaks only to the man who finds it, sharing technological secrets unknown to the world—secrets which enable his city to thrive amidst the chaos. Among the new creations is a machine which grants The Elect—the society’s privileged class—special powers, as well as the ability to breed a mutant class to serve him and his followers.
But a clan of Muties living in the sewers are planning a rebellion and have created a special device of their own, called Leech, which enables them to harness temporarily the power of The Elect. Twin Muties, Ash and Milt, are drawn into the conflict when Ash is wrongfully accused of murder and sentenced to death.

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