Dream of ‘The Sevens’ (Deborah Lee Clark’s Dream)

Deborah Lee Clark

Deborah Lee Clark

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Deborah Lee Clark sometimes finds that her dreams blur into her waking world. In particular, one such dream sticks out in her mind—the one that brought about the sevens.

In the dream, she was in a white building with several people who were all staring at her phone. One of her guy friends was sending selfies of his bare torso. While she didn’t think of the photos as anything meant to be sexual and wasn’t turned on by it, the others in her group were simply astounded by them.

And then she woke up…

…which is where things get a little strange.

While awake, she started texting this same friend as well as one other, telling them about the weird dream. One of the friends responded by asking her, “What’s with the ‘sevens’?”

Deborah didn’t know what he was talking about and so dismissed it. She asked him to meet her at the local store near his house, since he mentioned having to go there and she had to return something to him anyway.

At the store, Deborah and her friend set their phones side by side and compared the text messages. Her phone read normal, in just the way she had typed it. On his screen, however, frequently whenever the letter “I” was used it was somehow substituted with the number 7. Not every time, but enough to where it was immediately noticeable.

She called her other friend she had texted to see if the same thing had happened on his phone. It hadn’t, but from late January of that year and lasting somewhere between one or two weeks the phenomenon continued whenever she texted this particular first friend—the one who, in the dream, had sent her pictures of his torso.

After much thought, they came to believe that the sevens was a reference to the seven deadly sins, or seven chakras. That’s about when the sevens stopped appearing.

Deborah’s Interpretation

At the time, Deborah had a severe sore throat where she couldn’t even talk. In fact, she was coughing up some blood.

Understand that she does not believe that any of this was a supernatural event, but rather her subconscious trying to speak to her. At the time, she had told her boyfriend that she believed the dream meant that others had adoration for what she shared with him. She also told him that she believed in the moment that she wanted her boyfriend to open up and be deeper with her. However, she now thinks her soul/spirit/consciousness was trying to get her to be still and not speak. So, the reiterations of the sevens physically manifested in her physical realm. If you’ve heard of the movie, Interstellar, she describes the phenomenon she experienced as being similar to the one the daughter in that movie had.

She also believes that perhaps a part of her, her Chinese zodiac sign, is a snake, and the dream is reminding her that she has the ability to harm or heal just like a snake.

Moreover, she thinks the sevens could represent of kundalini energy that travels up and down your spine, and thinks her soul or spirit was trying to show her this so she can better understand herself—like an epiphany or revelation.

Cool, cool, stuff, Deborah! Whether folks agree or disagree with your interpretation, there’s no denying how well thought out it is, as well as fascinating.

Thanks for sharing!




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