The Lizard Man (The Dream Factory)

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See “The Dream Factory” for a full list of my shared dreams.

I had this dream almost nine years ago. I don’t usually get nightmares, or at least the traditional “ghost” type of nightmare doesn’t usually scare me when I do get them, but this one spooked the hell out of me. It was extremely vivid and strange.

There’s a book written by Stephen King called, A Wind Through the Keyhole. It’s kind of an insert into my favorite fantasy series of all time, The Dark Tower. Funny, though–while I had been reading that series since 1990 or so, that book wasn’t published until 2012. This dream I had in 2006. That book featured a shape-shifting lizard man, too.

The dream starts out in a building that looked very similar to my old high school. It was nighttime and a bunch of us (mostly faceless/nameless friends) were in a room either on the third or fourth floor (the building had four floors in all). The power had gone out due to a storm and we were trying to calm down a number of young kids we had been watching. Why we were watching young kids on one of the upper floors of my high school building…at nighttime, no less…I couldn’t say. Anyway, we were trying to calm them down by enticing them into playing video games with us. One child, however, insisted on being by himself. He stayed near the corner of the room, shining his flashlight against the wall and yelling intermittently. He was crying the whole time and, since we couldn’t seem to get him to stop crying, we kind of let him be and focused on keeping the other kids calm. He kept saying random things like, “No it DOESN’T!” again and again.

After a while, we decided we should try again to calm this kid. I walked over to him and happened to glance out the window right next to where his light shone–just in time to see a face peer through the window back at me. Whoever or whatever it was had to be sitting in a tree to be so high off the ground. The head of this creature was about the size of any average man’s, but the face was that of a lizard’s, with small, black eyes like pebbles, and a thin mouth. I saw it only for a moment before it moved out of sight.

The next week, strange things started happening. People had reported seeing “something” around the building; some said they’d heard voices; others had even reported poltergeist activity. My wife (then girlfriend) was in the dream, too. At one point, she actually elevated as a few of us were having a conversation. That is to say, her feet actually moved a couple inches off the ground and she suspended there for a moment.

The next day (or a few days later…it is so difficult to gauge time’s passing in dreams), five or six of us were walking down the hallway of the high school, discussing all these strange things. It was at this point when I mentioned having seen the face in the window that night. Another in our group–a guy, who was a few years older than me–asked if this “lizard” had a blue trachea-type thing on the external part of his neck. I didn’t know what he meant, but recalled seeing some blue there.

“I think that’s how he mimics voices,” he said, “by re-shaping sound waves he hears.” This part isn’t fabricated. The dream actually came up with that soft-scientific explanation :). I still don’t know what he was talking about, but I did see that those who had initially thought I was nuts no longer felt that way. I had definitely seen something.

Just then, there was a ruckus coming from down the hallway. Everyone was running toward the same classroom where the noise seemed to be coming from. When we neared the room, we saw the body of a young girl lying in a pool of blood. Moments later, an odd-looking man–much older than us–rushed out into the hallway. There was something not quite right about this man; he didn’t seem to fit into his skin correctly (and that’s as best as I can describe it). As I continued to watch, I saw him begin to lose his shape. His skin started turning green and his eyes became smaller and blacker and, before I knew it, he was looking more and more like that lizard creature I’d seen in the tree.

He was a shape-shifter.

I turned and started running, pulling on the arms of those around me to get them to run, too. The lizard man started running as well, and so we scattered.

There were two girls in our group:  one was my now wife/then girlfriend, and one was somebody I don’t know in real life. The lizard man caught up with this second girl just before we reached the stairs. I didn’t turn back to see what became of her. Instead, I pulled my then girlfriend by the arm to get her to move faster–all the while, we kept looking for a good place to hide and/or barricade ourselves in for safety. We ended up in the student lounge (or what looked like my high school’s student lounge) when we saw the lizard creature again. Thankfully, he didn’t see us at first–so we stayed hidden behind a temporary wall.

That’s when I heard a voice in my head. “I just want the females,” it said. The damn thing was telepathic! No wonder the young kid had been arguing at the wall–he’d actually been arguing at whatever was on the other side of the wall. It also explained why people had been hearing voices.

As it walked through the cafeteria, it began changing shape again–this time to resemble my then girlfriend’s long-time best friend. I assumed it had done so in an effort to coax her out of her hiding place.

We carefully peeked out and, when we did, the creature stopped, quickly turned back into his lizard form and straightened his back as if sensing our movement. I heard another voice in my head and knew it was coming from the lizard. Yet it didn’t sound quite like the first voice I had heard. It almost had an echo to it.

“They’re in the lounge,” the voice said, and the creature turned his head abruptly, meeting our gaze with his own.

I didn’t waste a moment in grabbing my then girlfriend’s arm and pulling her toward the door to the outside. We were at the side of the building when we exited, running to the point of exhaustion around to the backside of the building where my car was parked.

To my surprise, my then girlfriend stopped dead with an abruptness that was alarming. I turned, half expecting her to be hurt, and was shocked to see that she looked like she was about to fall asleep.

“I just want to stop for a minute…just a minute,” she said with a lazy yawn.

“Are you NUTS?” was my response.

“Let me go there,” she continued, pointing to a bench nearby.

“I think you’ve been mind-drugged!” (and that’s how I put it). “I think that thing’s been messing with your brain!”

Her answer to this came with a surprising rush of anger. I won’t ever forget the aggression in her eyes as she suddenly woke up and yelled, “IT’S NOT A DRUG! IT’S NOT LIKE SMOKING!” And then she started kicking and fight me as I held her to coax her toward the parking lot. When we were very close to the car, I turned to see that the creature was now a mere thirty or so feet behind us. The lizard man started running as I tried to coerce her into the front passenger’s seat. It was running like one of those funny desert lizards with the big pieces of skin by their ears (only this creature didn’t have the big pieces of skin). It kicked its feet up in a comical way and flung its arms back as it ran. I got the car started; my then girlfriend was wailing and pounding on the window for me to let her out.

Suddenly, I felt a horrible piercing sensation in my brain and a loud, high-pitched whistle. I knew the creature was doing this to me, and I lost control of the car and watched helplessly as we crashed into a tree.

That’s when I woke up.

So yeah, that’s my dream as best as I can remember it. Weird, huh? When I told it to my then girlfriend, all she could say was, “Well, at least you tried.” That’s a good attitude to have, I guess.



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