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Authors are often asked, “Where do you get your ideas from?” My answer to this is a bit cliché, but I’d have to say everywhere.  That being said, I’m one of those people whose brains is constantly working overtime. That’s not to say I’m smart, necessarily, but between constantly worrying about stuff and being an over-analytical introvert my mind does not take much of a break. More than that, I am a VERY light sleeper who dreams every night and, while I may not remember the dream from the night before, I always remember dreaming. Always.

Every so often I experience lucid dreaming, which basically means I know I’m dreaming as I’m dreaming and can even take over and control things. For those who have never experienced this phenomenon, it’s amazing. You can feel everything you touch with unsettling clarity, and that sometimes can even include a slight breeze passing by.

Whether lucid or normal, my dreams usually don’t make a lot of sense and pass from random to random in the course of the same dream sequence. However, every now and then I’m hit with a very profound and realistic “story sequence” in my dreams, and this is what I wish to share with you on this page–some of these profound dreams I’ve had over the years. I don’t usually have nightmares or, when I do, I know I’m dreaming so I’m not scared. I like horror movies, so more often than not I find dreams with monsters or hauntings or what not rather interesting. However, I often wake up frightened when met with one of these profound dreams.

Check out/go back to The Dream Factory for a list of my shared dreams.


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Phil is a writing enthusiast of many years, having been published in numerous online and national print trade and sports publications over the past decade. He has spent the past five years delving back into the world of fiction writing, focussing on the fantasy, horror and suspense genres. Deshay of the Woods is his first novel.
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2 Responses to My Dreaming Profile

  1. Elena says:

    Do you ever visit the same geographical places over and over? Just curious.

    • Nope, not so much. Typically the ‘geography’ of my dreams isn’t even a place I recognize. Sometimes it might be ‘my home’ but it never really is. In fact, the architecture in my dreams are always strange and unique, which gives it an added element of intrigue for me. But rarely is the focus on the geography.

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