Novel Project Update

TSL_Cover_FINALLots of changes…where to start. First off, I’m on my FOURTH revamp in like four or five years. Not that I spent four straight years writing. I took a year off at one point, six months off at another point. Anyway, I’m at about 106K words and counting, so I’m sure it may need some editing down at some point, but let me run through the more superficial changes for those who have been following.

  • Book title change:  From Deshay of the Woods to The Siren’s Lyric
  • Series title change:  From The Demon’s Pendant to Archellum’s Light
  • MC change:  Originally, the novel was mostly about Matthew. As I wrote more of it, though, I realized the story should be more about Alexandra. Hence many of the rewrites.
  • Much of the novel’s first half is new, as I was finding things were getting a bit rushed without much character arc in the story.

So there you go. Still trying to finish and then we’ll see where things go, but I think the changes have improved the story quite a bit.

Thanks for following. Check out more about the novel.


About authorphilpartington

Phil is a writing enthusiast of many years, having been published in numerous online and national print trade and sports publications over the past decade. He has spent the past five years delving back into the world of fiction writing, focussing on the fantasy, horror and suspense genres. Deshay of the Woods is his first novel.
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  1. pollyjohnson says:

    Can’t post a reply without logging in. Wanted to say I prefer the new title – more accessible and enticing.

    Polly Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 18:17:09 +0000 To:

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