Deshay of the Woods Update

Deshay of the WoodsThis may be more for me than anyone else, but after three versions (the original novella–36K words; the first revamp and development into novel length–60K words; and this final revamp–approx. 95K words), I’m one chapter and an epilogue from being done with Deshay of the Woods (pending anything an editor may change). This has been an on again-off again project for five years! It was, after all, my first novel and I used it to learn the nature of novel writing as opposed to a more technical-style writing of which I was more familiar with. The other reason for the long process was a persistent need to get it to feel right–I kept scrapping old chapters and starting from scratch. But it was worth it; I’m proud of this version, enough to move forward with it. Even if it doesn’t go anyway, the learning made it worth it.

So, I’ll hold my breath and see if I can make this final push (I’ll do my best to remember to breath again before passing out; certainly that wouldn’t help me finish this!).

For those interested in my progress, thanks! 🙂 For those not interested, thanks for reading this post anyway.

More updates/info on Deshay of the Woods and The Demon’s Pendant series can be found here.


About authorphilpartington

Phil is a writing enthusiast of many years, having been published in numerous online and national print trade and sports publications over the past decade. He has spent the past five years delving back into the world of fiction writing, focussing on the fantasy, horror and suspense genres. Deshay of the Woods is his first novel.
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